A new adventure — France and Spain in February 2012

On February 17th, 39 Convent and Stuart Hall High School students with 5 faculty will travel to France and Spain.  This trip is special in that we will visit our sister-school in Amiens, France, for the first time.  The Lycee du Sacre Coure, as it is known in French, was the first ever Sacred Heart school established by Madeleine Sophie Barat herself in 1801.  But there is more.  We will also revisit our sister-school in Sevilla, Spain, with whom we established contact three years ago on a SHHS trip in 2009.  We were so well received and our students so genuinely enjoyed the time spent with their Spanish colleagues, that we look forward to reconnecting with students and teachers in Sevilla and continuing our relationship with them. Visits to Paris and Madrid are included on this trip.

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