Countdown! by Raymond Jiang ’12

As the Spain & France trip departure is closing in, students who are attending are getting excited. This travel opportunity only happens every other year with this being the second time. While we are in Spain & France, there will be tons of activities. The activities include visiting our international Sacred Heart schools, exploring cities, watching a professional soccer game, and much more. As well as exploring the cities, the faculty are encouraging students to exercise their foreign language skills. The students are eager for the adventure and have high expectations for this trip.

Juniors Alex Fong, Devin Harvey and Robeil Andebrhan are joining 36 other Convent and SHHS students and five faculty on the trip to France and Spain

Personally for myself, Raymond Jiang ’12, I am most excited for the soccer match. I have never been to a professional soccer game, so I am pretty ecstatic about it, especially getting to watch one of the best teams in the world. Also, I want to practice speaking Spanish and see how much I have improved my skills. The reason why I want to go on this trip is because I want to have a new experience and go to a country where I have a general knowledge of it’s culture.

Salina Karmara ’14 from Convent is excited to eat the exquisite and gourmet food that we’ll be enjoying. She has never had authentic French and Spanish food so it will be a first time experience for her. Most importantly, she wants to shop and buy unique clothes and items that will remind her of her trip to these marvelous countries. The reason why she is going on this trip is because it is a great opportunity to visit foreign countries with her friends and make some new friends.

This hasn’t been the first time that Devin Harvey ’13 has attended a school trip overseas. Last year, he went with the school to Greece and had a marvelous time there. Devin has high expectations for this trip. Hr is most excited to see Barcelona, the most “devastating” soccer teams in the world play against Madrid Athletico. While having big expectations, he also has to conquer one of his biggest fears, flying. He is terrified of flying and has only gone outside the country twice, making him inexperienced with long-term flights.

Robeil Andebrhan ’13 wants to go on this trip because he also wants to watch his favorite soccer team, Barcelona, play. He also is excited to see the international schools because he wants to see if they have the same goals and criteria that our school upholds. He has learned much about the culture of Spain and France but never had the opportunity to actualy go, so when he heard about the opportunity to travel, he had to take it up. His biggest expectation of this trip is having fun. He wants a break from the rigorous school hours and just have fun with his friends. He hopes that throughout the trip, he will mostly be speaking Spanish to challenge his skill level.

Kimmy Pace ’13 is exhilarated about visiting the sister schools abroad. She is especially excited because we are visiting the first Sacred Heart School located in Amiens, France. While she is away on this trip, she is going to miss her home, her parents, and her pets. When she was younger, she traveled to Spain and France with her family but it was a long time ago.

The Sacred Heart schools that we are visiting are Lycée du Sacre Coeur in Amiens, France & Colegio Santa Maria del Valle in Sevilla, Spain. At each school, we will be attending classes with our Sacred Heart counterparts. In Sevilla, we are also going to have dinner with families from that school. Stay tuned for our first update which will be from Paris.

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