Our Day in Amiens

Today we spent the day at Lycee Sacre Coeur, the first Sacred Heart school of the network. When we got there, we learned about the history of the campus, and we’re taken on a tour by a student. We also ate lunch with the French students and participated in their classes. Although it was hard to communicate with everyone at the school, it was an amazing experience. We were also able to play ping pong on campus with the students. Having the opportunity to see another Sacred Heart School was a great opportunity and I cannot wait to visit the school in Seville.

-Caroline Coulter ’14

Tonight I had dinner with some of the students from Lycee Sacre Coeur. Not only were the meals delicious but the students were so friendly and outgoing. We were both so eager to get to know each other. Emilie was the restaurant owner’s daughter and I had the wonderful chance to sit next to her and talk about the things she loved to do. I found out that she loves to take pictures and her mother actually has some of her photographs up in the restaurant. I wish we had more time to get to know one another and I will never forget the new friends I made.

-Janet Kim ’14

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