Wrap-up from France and we’ve arrived in Spain – Peter Melling ’12

Our 4 days in France are at an end. While I look forward to arriving in Spain, there are many things that I will miss about Paris and Amiens. I thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour of Paris that Christophe directed, which covered many landmarks (the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, and the river Seine) over the course of a day. I also quite liked our interactions with the Amiens students, from talking to them in the classrooms, to eating with them at the family restaurant. The scenery in France was stunning, as well as the architecture in the cities, at times similar to San Francisco, and at others completely alien. People in France were incredibly hospitable to our group, and we reciprocated those sentiments to the fullest. While we may have seemed like “fish out of water” in France, we loved every minute of the experience. Now, we are off to Spain!

Video from the day at Lycee Prive Sacre-Coeur


We arrived in Sevilla tonight. More tomorrow . . .

2 thoughts on “Wrap-up from France and we’ve arrived in Spain – Peter Melling ’12

  1. Thanks for the videos. I loved watching the interactions between the students. And how crazy was that gym?? I got nervous watching them kick around the soccer ball with all those stained glass windows!! Talk about a creative use of space. I’m sure St. Madeleine Sophie Barat would give them points for creativity! Looking forward to hearing/watching about Sevilla. Safe travels!

  2. Thanks for posting the photos and videos! It is wonderful to see all of you having such a wonderful time. I can hardly wait to see images from your time in Spain! Enjoy the food and the warmer weather in Sevilla!

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