A Stuart Hall Knight travels to England

Over the February break, David Alvarez ’16 traveled to The United Kingdom to visit our sister Sacred Heart School, Beechwood.

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I had such an amazing time in the little town of Royal Tunbridge Wells with Henry Wright and his family. The town got the title of royal when Queen Victoria visited the town and loved it so much she gave it the title of royal. Beechwood School was very welcoming and was very similar to Stuart Hall High School. Royal Tunbridge Wells is also the home of Winnie the Pooh. I got the chance to visit the sights of where Winnie the Pooh actually took place. I also went to the place where fish and chips were invented. When I visited London twice I saw most of the famous attractions of London. I went to see the crown jewels and Buckingham Palace. One of my favorite things to see was the changing of the guards. The best pictures I took was when I went on the London Eye and saw the entire city of London.

– David Alvarez ’16

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