Convent and Stuart Hall Travel head off to London

Convent and Stuart Hall have formed a partnership with Dr. Peggy Fiedler, Director of UC’s Natural Reserve System, and Dr. Bruce Pavlik from the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in England for a 2-year elective class that will look at Mediterranean ecosystems (of which the Bay Area is one) of the world. The course has kicked off this week with a trip to Kew Gardens in England.

Written by Mitchell, Justin and Cal – all in class of 2017

As we prepare to embark on this once in a lifetime trip, the 9 members of
our party: Mr. Farrell, Ms. Simpson, Izzy, Bella, Justin, Mitchell, Calvin,
Leon, and Michael, are all extremely excited and have gone to great
lengths to prepare for this wonderful, educational opportunity. There is a
sense of anticipation and anxiousness in the atmosphere. We are trying
to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the week in London. We
have several days touring Central London topped off with exploring the
enormous Gardens of Kew. Right now, as we are waiting in the air for 9
hours, we find ourselves completely in the dark on what to expect. For all
of us, excluding Ms. Simpson, this is our first time going to London. We
are unsure of what to expect from everything from the workload to the
food to the jet lag. Despite the unknown we are facing, we definitely feel
a calm aura that is surrounding us…something that is making us ready for
our future at London.

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