Day 2 Costa Rica, Monday 1-16-17: Our First Rotation Day

Our community was divided into three groups: BARAT, DUCHESNE, and STUART and began our rotations, heading to Hacienda Baru and zip lining while learning about animal conservation, horseback riding to Nahuayaca Waterfalls, and the final group engaging in Community Service with a local school.  Some snapshots:



Student Reflections:

I loved going to the school and really seeing the change you’re making and interacting with the kids regardless of the language barrier.
It was amazing to see all of us interact with the kids and also engaging with one another.
By taking the time to actually hangout and socialize with the children we were giving supplies to, I think we all got to really experience the feeling of what it means to give back.
Nik Fisher
I’ve never been to a place where students and kids bonded so much. Students stepped up to help other students understand what they were saying in order to play with the kids. Letting them use the cameras was heart warming to me because I never know what it was and was curios to see what it is and what it does. It was by far the best service I’ve done so far this year.
I’ve been in something like this, but this an entirely different thing. Playing with the kids was fun and an amazing experience both for the kids and us. Being able to speak some Spanish and see beautiful nature is great. Some of the things here at Costa Rica can’t be seen in San Francisco so I am very blessed to be a part of this.

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