Day 4 Costa Rica 1-18-17: Horses, Waterfalls, Great Food, and more…

Kate Etter
Today we went horseback riding and jumping off a 35ft waterfall. The ride on the horses there was super amazing! We got to trot and gallop starting from the beginning along with going through a few rivers. The landscape was gorgeous, very green and lush. Jumping off the waterfall was extremely fun. The climb up through the water was a bit difficult but in the end it was super rewording. Defiantly a highlight of the trip.

Eric Mai
This trip has completely flipped what I think is terrifying and what I think is fun. Never before have I ridden a horse, gone surfing, or jumped off a waterfall, but on this trip I decided to venture into what I refused to do before, the things I feared. Was awesome.

Joshua Widjanarko
Today was of the best days here in Costa Rica. At the waterfall, I jumped of the highest ledge three times. It was such an adrenaline rush, and I had a blast doing it.Also, I watched Mr.Vasquez jump after much prodding. This may be one of the defining moments of the trip. We also went horseback riding, where we saw amazing views. It felt like a once in a life time experiences.


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