Day 4 Costa Rica 1-18-17: Student Reflections

Kate Etter, Isis Bovin, Worth Taylor, and Day El-Wattar
So far, our group for daily activities has been wonderful. We have all had such a good time spending the days together since we don’t have many classes together on a typical school day. Although it has been quite humid, we have handled it admirably! We went to the beach after doing community service at the school yesterday. The water was so warm and refreshing to be in with the hot weather. Some people got to experience surfing and others played on the beach while drinking coconut water out of fresh coconuts. Last night for our activity we had traditional local Costa Rican dancers come and preform for us which was the highlight of our day. It was so fun to be so immersed in the culture. The dancers even chose members from the audience to dance with them and Worth got chosen and did not hesitate to join in in the fun dance. Another part of our evening was the mar key that was set up for us with Costa Rican clothes, t-shirts, coffee, pottery, and necklaces. It was so fun to see tons of the traditional Costa Rican goodies which were so detailed and beautiful!

Roman DegliAntoni
After our service at the small school, we were offered surf lessons from the locals. I hadn’t surfed in such a long time making me nervous to jump right in and get started. After 10 minutes of lessons on the beach I felt like a pro already soon enough I would be shredding the gnar. When the first wave hit I got up like a pro with perfect form I had to hang it loses with the Shaka Brah hand symbol. The sunset in the background and the warm water made for an amazing afternoon at the beach.

Spencer O’Brien-Steele
Some really good things have come out of the first days. When visiting a foreign country there will always be time to try new things and step out of your comfort zone, which many of us have done already. Yesterday, I tried surfing for the first time, and it was awesome. I got up and rode the wave on my first attempt. I thought I was already a pro. But I epically failed the next two times. However, I realized some of the mistakes I was making and rode most of the waves from then on. I also ate termites a few days ago, which was kind of disgusting at first, but they weren’t too bad. I have also realized that sometimes you need some alone time when surrounded by 100 of your classmates, and that instead of trying to be liked by others, just try to do what you want, not what others want, and the rest will follow. Peace out from Costa Rica✌🏼

Terence Leung
This trip so far has opened my eyes to many things. I have seen new animals and done new things. Today, I rode a horse for the first time. I was really nervous about the idea of even sitting on a horse. I was given a horse named “Little Bean”(Frijolito). He was an awesome horse. After riding today, I would definitely ride a horse again.

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