Day 6 Costa Rica 1-20-2017: The Beach & San Jose

A great final day in Costa Rica. We awoke to the welcoming, sweet morning air and made our way to the beach for a hour of fun. How nice it was to be in the sea again soaking in the sun and enjoying the warmth of the sea water. Everyone was enjoyable the time with each other. Afterwards, we return to our area to each lunch,  pack our stuff, and make the three-hour trek to San Jose. Once in San Jose, we gathered after dinner for our final reflection led by Mr. Vasquez. We shared thoughts about St. Philippine Duchesne who had to travel from France to a new land at age 49 and start all over again. She left behind family, friends, and everything to begin anew. Costa Rica is a our chance to begin anew by leaving behind those things that keep up from being who we truly are – anxieties, fears, assumptions, etc. It was a beautiful day and a great way to end a fantastic experience. We’ll be back in SFO very late Saturday night . . . See you there 😉


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