Onward to Italy

Next week, Convent and Stuart Hall students will embark on a trip to Italy, seeing the sites in Rome, the Bay of Naples, and more. The trip organizer and lead chaperone, Dr. Scott Roos has an additional note:
I’m super-excited about the upcoming trip, and I have even been using Anki to learn some Italian before we depart.  Italian, after knowing Latin, is easy, because much of the language is simply Latin in the Ablative case.  On our first few days, we’ll be reading Latin (and some English) about the sites that we visit:
Day 1: Cumae – Ovid’s Metamorphoses. XIV.129ff – description of the Cumaean Sibyl’s rejection of Apollo and T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland – epigraph refers to the Cumaean Sibyl
Day 2: Herculaneum/Vesuvius – Statius IV.4 – about 10 lines lamenting the fate of the townspeople
Day 3: Pompeii/Naples – Petronius 29 – describing the “Cave Canem” fresco.

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