The Borghese Gallery and the Spanish Steps

Today we ate a delicious breakfast and took a bus to the Borghese Gallery.

Here is what Jonathan Ennis said about the experience:

“The Borghese gallery was the fun-sized version of the Vatican. With all the fun-sized, multimillion dollar classical art pieces that mimicked its king sized counterpart to the best of its ability. We saw many 2nd most famous art pieces at the old renaissance villa turned museum. The 2nd most famous statue of David, the 2nd most famous rendition of “the last supper”, etc. Though there were a few notable statues such as “Apollo and Daphne”, and “The Rape of Persephone”, the works that stood out to me were made by the master of shadows and father of tenebrism himself, Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio. The works that this painter made were on everything from baskets of fruit to young women graphically beheading people. All of them displayed Caravaggio’s talent at painting shadows, and the range of things which interested him.”

After the gallery we visited the Column of Trajan and took a tour of the ruins of some buildings near it. Once our tour was finished, we headed over to a Sacred Heart School at the top of the Spanish Steps. Then we explored the bougie and luxurious shopping area for two hours before going to dinner.

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