Day 4 + 5: Last two activity rotations

Greetings from Dominical! We have finished our last two main activity rotations, and tomorrow we will split into different groups for our final service and adventure activities. Here are some fun reflections from our students about their last two days:

Henry Sears:

Today my activity group went to the waterfall and went horseback riding. After we got to the horse stables, our group split into two, and I was placed into the group that would ride to the waterfall, while the other group took the trucks. My horse was very tall, and loved to gallop. My horse was also very competitive, and when she saw other horses galloping, she started to gallop. It was a very stressful time which ended with the guide having to stop my horse because she kept galloping, even after the others started to trot. After that, we got to the waterfall, and it was amazing! I decided to jump from the waterfall after much hesitation on my part. Besides belly flopping into the water, it was a very fun visit to the waterfall. I took the truck back and saw some of Costa Rica’s amazing scenery! I am sad that our time here is over halfway through, but that leaves a bunch of days in which to have a lot of fun! Pura Vida!

Brooke Wilson:

Today, I went zip-lining in Hacienda Baru, which is a natural reserve and animal corridor. We hiked up through the rainforest for about 40 minutes to reach the first zip line platform. Our guides showed us four sloths and let us taste raw coco beans. We went down six exhilarating zip lines, the final one going backwards. After lunch I had the opportunity to take off the coast to go snorkeling. We swam in the warm water and saw yellow puffer fish, star fish, and some kind of huge crab. The boat then took us to observe the system of underwater caves nearby and saw the beach where one of the most iconic scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was filmed. It was really fun.

Lauren Barrabee:

Yesterday was so much fun, I went zip lining it was breathtaking. When we first got there, we learned a little bit about the nature reserve. Something that I found interesting was that in 1977 there were barely any trees left because of the deforestation that the previous owners had caused. Then, we hiked about 1km to the beginning of the zip line course. As we were walking up we learned that there are tunnels that go underneath the freeway so that different species are able to cross without being in danger of cars. Once we began zip lining, I had a blast. We saw three sloths, they were so cute. Especially the baby sloth. The best part of zip lining was being able to push my boundaries on the last cable when were pushed off backwards at the highest point of the forest. I have had such a fun time on this trip and would love to go again.

After three afternoons of salsa lessons, the students competed in a heated salsa dance competition this evening. The competition was fierce, and the judges Dinh, Gabriel, and Laura were evaluating the entrants on proper footwork and artistry. Huge congratulations go out to our top finishers….3rd place: Adrian and Kate W, 2nd place: Nyxa and Malinalli, and finally in 1st place: Sean and Sam D.

Tomorrow night we will have our very own talent show. We are very excited to share some talents from our students and faculty tomorrow!

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