Day 2: Heartwarming Student Reflections

By Dagny Wallace, Grade 10
When we were playing with the kids it was really rewarding to see how happy they were and how excited they were for us to be there. They were incredibly kind to us and they were really understanding of our mediocre spanish. Being able to practice my spanish in a practical way was really different and it was difficult to properly get my point across. Giving back to a community with our services for a few hours felt really good. They were so grateful and i appreciate that. This experience was really fun, educational and helpful to others. 

By Eon Kounalakis, Grade 10 
This morning I went with the second group to a ropes/zipline course. The experience was unique in that the wait for the zipline was not just a line, rather it was a beautiful hike through a jungle, where we saw monkeys, sloths, and lots of bugs. The second half of our day gave us the option of surfing, going to the beach, cooking, or salsa dancing. I chose to go surf for the first time with my friends Eamonn and Monty. I picked it up quickly, and enjoyed my first surfing experience. After having a great time with the new activity, we walked back and viewed an astounding sunset over the water. I don’t think anything is going to top this day in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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