Day 3: From Canopy Zipline to the Dance Floor

By Grace Krumplitsch, Grade 10
Hola from Hacienda Baru! Today we went to an ecological reserve for a morning full of ziplining and hiking. Our group did eight different lines that traveled through both primary and secondary rainforests. We saw many sloths and interesting animals that most definitely cannot be found in San Francisco. Later, we returned to Villas Rio Mar for another sunny afternoon in the pool. My group’s evening activity was (my personal fave) salsa dancing lessons in anticipation of Wednesday night’s competition. It perfectly aligned with an evening performance from a local dance troupe who performed a variety of traditional Costa Rican dances. The girls, with bright blue eyeshadow and extravagant shirts, were mesmerizing to watch. Just like the night before, it ended with our entire class jumping around on the dance floor. Anyways, having a blast and wishing this trip could last forever! (Love you, mom)

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