Day 5: The Place and the People

By Audrey Pinard, Grade 10
What an incredible trip! I have had such an adventurous day white water rafting! We had such a hilarious tour guide for the rapids who helped us spray other rafts with water, and every time we successfully made it across a segment of rough water, we tapped our paddles together above our heads and cheered. One of my favorite moments from today was when our raft was competing with another raft full of boys who constantly were trying to get ahead of us. We splashed them and paddled with all our might, and when it was clear that we had beaten them, we all hugged and smiled because of our epic teamwork!

My favorite part of the Costa Rica trip has been the new connections I’ve made with people. -Oliver Whalen

By Oliver Whalen, Grade 10
My favorite part of the Costa Rica trip has been the new connections I’ve made with people. Throughout the week, the sophomore class is split into different groups for different aspects of the trip. Your travel group is different from your activity group which is different from the people sleeping in your room. Because of this, I ended up having great conversations with people I didn’t normally talk to. I also got to speak to some locals during our service and while walking around the town of Dominical. Getting to know someone you’ve never had much contact with before is really rewarding. While there are many cool experiences and activities during the Costa Rica trip, what I’ll remember most are the new friends and connections I’ve made.

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