Day 5: Learning From the Locals

By Madeline Thiara, Grade 10
This trip to Costa Rica has definitely been full of trying and experiencing new things. From making new friends and getting closer with old ones, to having casuals interactions with iguanas and jumping off waterfalls. It is amazing to spend time in such a special place and be able to spend some time with the people who are native to this country. Everyone here in Costa Rica have been so generous and kind to accept our large group into their home, especially our tour guides. They have been so insightful and helpful and have done their best to teach us about this beautiful place.

My favorite moment during this trip was definitely visiting the waterfall. Although it was hard for me to fully step out of my comfort zone and climb up the rocks with the water pounding down on me, once I got up and took the jump, it was amazing. On that same day, I was able to ride a horse for the first time. I was so afraid to get up on the saddle and start riding, but once I got on, I enjoyed every second. Before we wrap up this trip, I hope to reflect on all these great moments and remember how lucky we all are to be able to experience such a beautiful place. 

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