Day 5: ‘Walking Through the Museum was Like a Dream’

The group visited a beautifully ornate church with gold and marble from floor to ceiling, a church with three levels of history (ancient Roman buildings and streets, a medieval church and a church that is still in use today), the Circus Maximus, which was used for chariot races, and the Baths of Caracalla. In the afternoon, they visited the Villa Borghese to admire the works of art.

Student Reflection by Gabby Vulakh, Gr. 12
Yesterday we visited the Musei Borghese. I have never seen more exquisite works of art in my entire life. Each room was more breathtaking than the last, filled floor to ceiling with extraordinary sculptures and paintings. Walking into the exhibit rooms was an exhilarating experience. I was immediately struck by the paintings on the ceilings which were extraordinary. I had to circle back to the same rooms at least three times to fully absorb all of the artwork. One time, though, was with my neck leaning back and head looking upwards to take in the majestic ceiling paintings. Walking through the museum was like a dream. In addition to the vibrant paintings, my favorite part of the museum were the hyper realistic sculptures. The marble seemed to melt into itself, shining smooth and pearly white. Where flesh touched flesh, the marble appeared to bend and come alive. The sculptures truly looked like they were real people frozen in time. I know I will definitely return to see all of the incredible pieces again.

View more photos from Day 5 here.

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