Day 4: Junior Costa Rica Trip

Student Reflection by Bailey Parent

My class started the day with a fun game of Hokey Pokey, what a blast! Right after, we were off for the day’s activities. Today my group helped serve the students at La Escuela Balena. I played soccer with the students and colored beautiful pictures with them. Afterwards, I helped paint the school’s cafeteria and then started a garden outside. It was so hot outside, but I was so busy I didn’t even notice it. When all the hard work was done we sat in the shade to have a traditional Costa Rican lunch. Now, for the best part of the day a small group was able to go surfing. I was able to learn to surf while watching the sun set. Today I was able to learn the importance of helping others and trying new things. 

Student Reflection by Natalie Posner

¡Hola from Dominical! This morning my group, Tortuga, took the bus to a local school called La Escuela Balena. After playing soccer and drawing with the kids, we began to paint their school cafeteria and dug a new garden plot. Lunch was a delicious rice and meat dish with salad on the side. We drove back to the hotel and quickly got ready for surfing. After a short walk through town, we made it to the beach! Our surf instructors were super friendly and I was able to stand up after the first few tries. Surfing under the sunset was one of the most special experiences that I have had on this trip! I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring! ¡Adios! ¡Pura Vida!

See the full photo album here.

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