Day 2: Sophomore Costa Rica Trip

Student Reflection by Courtney Hall

After what felt like the longest day of my life, I had an amazing night sleep at the hotel and was super excited to go horseback riding with the Tortugas group today. We took the buses up to the waterfall and met up with the half that rode the horses there. The water was super refreshing and everyone jumped in, immediately thrilled to have relief from the humidity. We eagerly lined up to take turns jumping from the waterfall and everyone was smiling ear to ear. Post-swim my half of the group got paired with our horses and had fun discussing their names. We galloped through the jungle with our guides and trucked through some deep rivers. The entire experience was amazing and there was never a dull moment. To end the day the Tortugas had an awesome medicinal nature walk where we learned all about different kinds of plants on the property. Carlos was very engaging and Mr. De Santis even brought out his fake, robotic snake for a good laugh. I’ve taken tons of photos and made so many memories and the trip has only begun. I can’t wait to see what else Costa Rica has in store for me and the rest of my classmates. PURA VIDA!!!!!

Student Reflection by Ayden Arcillas

After a very exhausting day of travel, I was so excited to start my journey off with an amazing breakfast. Everything was so new to me, as it was my first time out of the country. We hopped on a bus and traveled to a local school nearby. We were able to give children notebooks and pens so they could continue their educational journey. We also were able to paint walls, plant in the garden and play soccer with the little kids at the school. My favorite part was being able to use my Spanish skills to converse with the local children. After that, we arrived back at the hotel and learned how to salsa dance! Overall, this experience was an amazing opportunity for me to really detach myself from what I am used to and explore the world and fun around me!

Student Reflection by Saybrook Whalen

Today we went ziplining! The day started out amazingly because on the bus ride over there we drove next to the river bank with a view of the beach with lush trees everywhere. When we got to the place we took some photos and hung out for a bit then started the hike and saw a bunch of lizards and monkeys and sloths and such. The first zip line was so nice after the hike because we got some Breeze after being in the humidity for so long. The further into the eco tour we got the higher the zip lines got and the prettier the views got. At the end they gave us all fresh watermelon and we went back and jumped in the pool. Awesome first day!! Pura Vida!!

See the full photo album here.

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