Day 3: Sophomore Costa Rica Trip

Student Reflection by Grace Gallagher

Today we started the day off surfing. It was a blast because we got to hang out with the local instructors and shred some waves. (Pura Vida!) Then we walked back to the hotel and showered, had lunch and were off to ziplining. We took an eco tour and saw two capuchin monkeys, three sloths and a LOT of ants! We ziplined on seven lines (one backwards) and overall it was super fun. Now we’re sitting in the dining room after dinner and are about to finish our card game! Grace’s highlight of the day: surfing! Buenas noches! 

Student Reflection by Liam Donohue

Today we went to a local school to construct a garden and paint a walkway for the school. My group helped create a lettuce garden (una lechuga). We cleared out the weeds in the area and put new soil in for the plants. It was challenging because the school was on a steep hill. After the service, we went to Playa Hermosa (Sister Beach) and played football as a group. The beach was very beautiful and we talked with a local mom about Costa Rican life. I really learned a lot about Costa Rican life and customs and had a lot of fun. Liam’s highlight of the day: talking to Local Mom about Costa Rican life!

See the full photo album here.

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