Day 5: Sophomore Costa Rica Trip

Student Reflection by Jonathan Fields

With it being the second to last day of activities, one might think the trip starts to slow down. This wasn’t the case. Being in the first group of rafting, I had to wake up extremely early and eat breakfast even earlier. We started the rafting trip early with having our tour guide, Alvaro, educate us on the surrounding area, and give us info on the palm oil industry and the big corporations competing for them, the Saverde River and the attempt to create a hydroelectric plant and the locals who have fought in the judicial system to keep the river in its natural form. By the end of the rafting trip, everyone’s clothes were drenched, dirty, and we still had to ride the buses back. Lunch was a good refresher though. We’re about to finish up the day with a Salsa tournament and a talent show, both of which I’m not competing in (thankfully.) This trip has been amazing so far, even with the guidelines. I hope everyone gets back safely. 

Pura Vida!

See the full photo album here.

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