Day 3: Pompeii

The tour took us out of the city of Rome to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii. This city was completely buried in ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Before its destruction, Pompeii was viewed as a resort town of sorts, which many Romans  visited. While there, the students discovered symbols of good luck to warn away evil spirits. This was one of Kailer Tom’s , Gr. 12 favorite moments of the day, “seeing the good luck all over Pompeii was really cool.” Clearly, these symbols of good luck didn’t save the city from ruin, but it brought good fortune to us for being able to see what life may have been like for ancient Pompeians. 

While there, the students experienced another amphitheater, this one much smaller than the Roman Colosseum we visited yesterday. The tradition of a student foot race in the amphitheater continued, with Geoffrey Karsant, Gr. 10 victorious. This is one of the favorite moments for Mr. Roderick Mobley, Science Department Chair, of the entire trip.

See the full photo album here.

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