Art & Design Day

We began our art and design day by meeting a local art curator, Amalie Frederiksen, who specializes in public interventionist art. Inspired by her work, we split up to explore different art opportunities around the city. After accidentally getting on the wrong bus, my group conquered the 2A (peek the view from the bus station below) and rode it to the Copenhagen Contemporary Museum. There, we experienced 3 different exhibits, my favorite of which was a trippy immersive exhibit from James Turrell, that explored light as matter and it’s effect on space and orientation. We then finished the night with a trip to Tivoli Gardens, a magical Christmas market/theme park, where I may or may not have gone in the same ride three times. Although we mourned our last day dedicated to exploring the city we made the most of it and look forward to reuniting with the Danish high school students tomorrow!


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