Day 3: Junior Costa Rica Trip

Update from the Chaperones

Our students experienced all Costa Rica has to offer today. We supported the local community by working at the local turtle sanctuary, went rafting down the Savegre River and were treated to a ‘cotton-candy’ sunset. At night, Tambito, a local Costa Rican folklore band, played at the Hotel Villas Rio Mar. Tomorrow we’ll return to the 3 group rotation of horseback riding, eco zipline tour & school service. At night, the students will close out the night with a talent show. 

Student Reflection by Audrey Roomian

Hi I’m Audrey Roomian! My trip so far has been amazing. My highlight so far has been the white water rafting. I was with Bella Mercado, Bella Rovetti, Maria Drago, Coco Browning, and Amelia Froyd-Kamrath. We had so much fun with our guide Mao! There were lots of bumps and drops but it was never scary and was always so much fun, especially since I was with my girlfriends and a great guide. Every drop felt like a splash mountain at Disneyland! We also walked to see a waterfall in the middle of the rafting, which looked amazing. We all stood under it (which was a very deafening experience)! The scenery was gorgeous; the jungle was so lush & full and the sunset towards the end made the whole experience one of the best things in my life.

Student Reflection by Ella Woods and Roxy Comerford

Hi Teri, John, Annie, Mr Monty, and all other parents! Today we had a delish breakfast of eggs and gallo pinto. After that, we drove to the Turtle saving project in Hacienda Baru, where they have been building turtle sanctuaries. We cleaned up micro plastics from the beach, and the sand will be used in a future turtle sanctuary. The beach was super hot and very pretty because it was right next to the jungle. After that, we went back to the hotel for lunch and swimming. Then we went to Rio Savegre for white water river rafting. We also stopped for fresh pineapple and banana, Then we hiked over to a huge waterfall and stood under it, this was super fun. Then we went back to the hotel and had dinner, went swimming and learned how to dance merengue from local dancers. Now we’re eating ice cream and writing this blog post. This is our first time on a screen in 75 hours. We’re gonna go to bed at 9:30. We miss you!!! ❤

Student Reflection by Summer Estes

Today we went river rafting in the rain during the sunset which is a special experience. The Costa Rican sunset is one of a kind and I have never seen something so pretty. Before the rafting we went to the beach to clean up a turtle hatching area from plastic and other hazardous materials that might hurt the turtles. We also found fresh coconuts which tasted delicious. On Saturday, my group went horseback riding to a private waterfall. On the property there are two waterfalls, one to view and one to jump off of. The jump was scary but not as scary as the climb up. During the climb the water rushes down on top of you which makes you not able to see or hear. I’ll see y’all on Thursday.

See the full photo album here.

Day 2: Junior Costa Rica Trip

Update from the Chaperones
The students were finally able to get a much needed night of sleep on Friday night. On Saturday morning, they were separated into three groups for morning activities. The first group went to Hacienda Baru, a wildlife refuge. They hiked, were taught about the biodiversity of plants and animals in the surrounding area and ziplined through the canopy. The second group went to La Escuela Platanillo (an elementary school) to dig out & prepare their garden, and pass out school supplies. The students had the pleasure of playing soccer with the elementary school children after their work was completed.  The third group went on horseback through the jungle to Nauyaca Falls and ‘cooled off’ with a swim in the river. 

In the afternoon, students had the option to take a surf lesson, do the medicinal plant walk with our head guide Carlos or take salsa dancing classes. At night, the students were entertained with a local Costa Rican band. The students are exhausted and heading to their rooms. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see the joy on our students’ faces over the last couple days.

We are gearing up for a fun filled Sunday of white water rafting followed by another afternoon of service. We will be working with a turtle rehabilitation sanctuary to reverse the trend of the turtle population in the local area. The students will also participate in a locally organized beach clean-up.

Student Reflection by Sophia Wu

Hi everyone!  I’m Sophia Wu and today my morning activity was horseback riding and swimming which included jumping off a 20 ft waterfall!  I started out the morning getting on the bus with my activity group and we arrived at the site where half the group would ride horses, and the other half would ride in the back of trucks.  I ended up riding in the truck on the way there with friends and after about a 20 minute drive, we arrived at the falls.  I had the opportunity to take some amazing photos and see stunning sites I never could’ve imagined.  

I also had the opportunity to jump off the waterfall which was a complete adrenaline rush and a once in a lifetime experience.  After swimming we headed to a restaurant to eat lunch where we had the lovely company of peacocks and monkeys. I rode a horse named Sancho on the way back and arrived safely back in the bus.  I had some free time later that afternoon to read and hang out by the pool before I went on a medicinal walk with my group where we learned about the different plants used for medicine here in Costa Rica.         

To end off the night, we had live music and danced the night away.  Not only did I realize that this class trip was all about bonding, but it was also a chance to reconnect with nature, be surrounded by a new culture and lifestyle, and become a member of the global community. 

Student Reflection by Spencer Pirie

First day at base camp was one to remember. My group and I had an early wake up call which I wasn’t fond of, though, by the time I finished my waffles, eggs, and bacon, I was ready for the bus ride to Hacienda Beru. There we took a short hike up to a zip line course. We spent two hours flying over the jungle hoping to get a sight of some wildlife. It took some time but eventually we saw a monkey and a lizard. Communication with the instructors was difficult, but forced me to work on my Spanish skills. The whole experience has me pumped for the rest of the week and I feel I’ve grown my mind, body, and spirit. 

Student Reflection by Leo Liao

Our service trip to the school was definitely a memorable one. It was an amazing experience getting to meet some of the kids that went to school here in Costa Rica, including finding out that we actually had fun in many of the same ways! Me, Nichols, Ewan, and Mr. Ferrell spent a long time in the hot and humid air tilling and digging out a few plots for growing some plants for the school. Then, we played some soccer and got smashed at foosball by one of the staff at the school. It was an enlightening experience being in a place like a school and feeling how they would feel (somewhat) in the hot air that we’re completely not used to. It also made me feel like the fries I ate during lunch was fine because I spent the calories working.

Student Reflection by Clara Bonomi 

Today I had the opportunity to visit a local school and spend some time with the students there. We handed out school supplies, played soccer with them, helped repaint some walls, and gardened as well. Overall, there were many great moments for me but one that really stood out was when one of the older girls in the group approached me and asked me for some help with her English pronunciation. Looking back, it wasn’t a super heartfelt moment, but it really gave me a sense of fulfillment. Helping someone figure out how to speak my language was genuinely so amazing and even though it was a small moment, I felt so honored and it is definitely an exchange I will remember and cherish for a long time.

See the full photo album here.

Day 2: Stuart Hall Gr. 8 L.A. Trip

This morning we had a peaceful private tour of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels; while there we found an image of St Philippine Duchesne on one of the large tapestries. We asked the boys to take photos of art or architectural features (with no people in the pictures) to capture memories for their later journal prompts.

We next went to the Japanese American National Museum (JANM), where we broke into small groups to investigate different artifacts connected to the experience of Japanese Americans who were relocated to incarceration camps during World War II. The boys then presented their investigations to each other in ways that were cogent, interesting, and full of insight. One of the journal writing prompts for this portion of the trip asks each student to grapple with a complicated question: “What happened to the Japanese-Americans was the result of directives given in your country, by your government. If such a directive were given today, what do you think you might be able to do about it?”

In addition to helping us with the artifact investigation, museum volunteers led us in two cultural experiences: origami folding and taiko drumming.

Following a “wise freedom” lunch, we returned to the Museum of Tolerance for the Anne Frank exhibit, which culminates in an experience of entering a recreation of the secret annex where you watch an immersive cinematic dramatization of life in Anne’s room. One extraordinary element: the room that leads to the annex entrance is lined with children’s clothing. As you start, the clothes are bright and colorful. As you approach the annex, the clothing displayed becomes darker, and duller, until all of the color is gone at the secret entrance.

Tonight, we will go to the Staples Center for a hockey game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Tomorrow, we will return to the Museum of Tolerance for the Holocaust exhibit. In the afternoon, we will visit Oakwood, which is the school in Los Angeles that now has Jaime Dominguez as its new Head of School. Afterward, we will head to LAX for our return flight home.

-Bill Jennings, K–8 Dean of Studies

Day 1: Stuart Hall Gr. 8 L.A. Trip

As we are coming to the end of our first day in Los Angeles, I wanted to send out a brief update. After arriving at LAX and checking into our hotel, we visited the Museum of Tolerance for the “Finding Our Families, Finding Ourselves” exhibit. As we proceed through our trip, the boys will have various writing prompts. My favorite one from today is: “If you were to design an exhibit around yourself titled ‘Finding My Family, Finding Myself,’ what would you include in it, and why?” 

For the evening, we had a “wise freedom” dining opportunity at the Grove, which ended with a choice of movies. After leaving the Grove, we ended with a group photo in front of a fountain.

Tomorrow, we will go to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Japanese-American National Museum, the Museum of Tolerance and we will end with an evening at the Staples Center for an L.A. Kings hockey game.

-Bill Jennings, K–8 Dean of Studies

Day 7: Discovering the Wonders of Florence

Student Reflection by Adrian Vasquez, Gr. 12
Today our group traveled by train to Florence. We saw the Duomo, went to an outdoor market and visited the Uffizi Museum. The Duomo gave us access to the most stunning sights of the city with a 360-degree view. On the way up we saw a stunning painting on the inside of the dome depicting the last judgement in vivid detail. Following the Duomo, we walked through an outdoor market to a sprawling indoor food market. It was complete with delis, fish marts and restaurants serving everything from artisan vegetarian burgers to sushi. Walking around outside at lunch gave me a full sense of the city of Florence, a large town with a vibrant culture that still manages to feel small and collected. The city was celebrating carnival while we were there, which only added to the vibrancy and life in the city.

The last place we went was the Uffizi Museum, home to some of the most stunning artwork in the world. We saw examples of feudalistic artwork with incredibly intricate gold leaf patterns on them. This surprised me because the skill required to make something so detailed was equivalent to that of the best Renaissance artists, and I had always believed feudalistic art to be inferior. The museum continued through the Renaissance and Baroque periods of art. Although I had to stop for at least a minute on every painting and sculpture I saw, two specifically stood out to me. The first was Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, which fully lived up to my expectations. The second was Godfried Schalcken’s The Fame, which depicts a woman in a dark room with a single flame being held behind her. This was the first painting in an entire room of similar ones that create a deeply intense contrast of shadow and light by placing the source of light at the center of the image. Going to Florence put me face to face with some of the most stunning scenes of my life.

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Day 6: Visiting Another Country

Today we traveled to a new country … Vatican City. After spending the morning exploring the Vatican Museums, we visited St. Peter’s Basilica. The students were able to see the artworks that they learned about in their classroom experiences and past research to broaden their understanding of ancient cultures. 

Student Reflection by Jake Falconer, Gr. 11
Today we went to Vatican City to see the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the tomb of Hadrian. My favorite artwork of the day was the “Creating Adam” piece on the Sistine Chapel ceiling done by Michaelangelo because of its immense fame. The piece is so famous that I have seen it countless times since I was young as the symbol of Renaissance art. The artwork is one of only a few that people know instantly without taking a single art class. Although I admired the painting’s beauty from images, seeing the painting in the context of the rest of the ceiling made the painting more beautiful. I felt a great sense of connection when looking at the painting everyone in the world knows in the middle of a crowd of people who were as amazed as me. I also enjoyed St. Peter’s Basilica. Among other things, the size of the church confused and amazed me the more I looked. As I looked at different parts of the church, I was perplexed by the gold-covered massive mosaics that represented years of manpower. Overall, the day showed me some of the greatest wonders of Italy and the world and revealed important history from before Christianity to the modern era.

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Day 5: ‘Walking Through the Museum was Like a Dream’

The group visited a beautifully ornate church with gold and marble from floor to ceiling, a church with three levels of history (ancient Roman buildings and streets, a medieval church and a church that is still in use today), the Circus Maximus, which was used for chariot races, and the Baths of Caracalla. In the afternoon, they visited the Villa Borghese to admire the works of art.

Student Reflection by Gabby Vulakh, Gr. 12
Yesterday we visited the Musei Borghese. I have never seen more exquisite works of art in my entire life. Each room was more breathtaking than the last, filled floor to ceiling with extraordinary sculptures and paintings. Walking into the exhibit rooms was an exhilarating experience. I was immediately struck by the paintings on the ceilings which were extraordinary. I had to circle back to the same rooms at least three times to fully absorb all of the artwork. One time, though, was with my neck leaning back and head looking upwards to take in the majestic ceiling paintings. Walking through the museum was like a dream. In addition to the vibrant paintings, my favorite part of the museum were the hyper realistic sculptures. The marble seemed to melt into itself, shining smooth and pearly white. Where flesh touched flesh, the marble appeared to bend and come alive. The sculptures truly looked like they were real people frozen in time. I know I will definitely return to see all of the incredible pieces again.

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Day 4: Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Up Close

Students visited the ancient ruins of Pompeii today. They explored the ruins throughout the city, sang in Latin and viewed the preserved frescos. 

Student Reflection by Sean Mendiola, Gr. 12
I was amazed to see the frescos in the Pompeii villas. Seeing the frescos pop proved to me how advanced their lifestyle was. I was really impressed because Pompeiians took the time to show off their culture through art. Seeing the frescos and their beautiful colors reminded me that the story of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius was real, and it gives me a foundation to appreciate antiquity.

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Day 3: Students Learn from Each Other

It was another day of walking over 25,000 steps (just under 10 miles!). The students enjoyed exploring the Musei Capitolini and Campus Martius. While at these locations, students presented site reports on a specific object. They each became an expert on their topic and described it to the group. Each site report provided insightful information that you might not find on a regular tour. Bryan Maruyama’s site report on the Statue of Cupid and Psyche was so well told that it drew a small crowd outside of our Latin group.

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