Greece – Update #3

We’re two days into our cruise now and currently making a call at the island of Santorini. We walked up from the sea to the top of a pretty imposing cliff, where the principal town of Fira is located. We took a variety of modes of transport — a few walked on their own two feet, a few rode donkeys (no joke), and a few (probably the brightest ones in the group) took the modern gondola, which shoots passengers from bottom to top in something like two air-conditioned minutes. (Personally, I walked and should’ve brought an extra shirt with me.) However you get up here, the view is probably one of the very best anywhere in the world. When we have regular internet access, we’ll upload pictures! Tomorrow, we return to Athens for our final day in Greece.

Greece – Update #2

Sorry for the less than frequent updates, but internet access here in Greece has been spotty. Today, we’ve embarked on our cruise. We’re aboard the Louis Majesty, a large and luxurious ship en route from Piraeus (the ancient port of Athens) to Mykonos, one of the best known of the Greek islands. So far, the Aegean has proved mild enough to accommodate Mr. Roos and Mr. Buckley’s tendency toward sea sickness — fingers still crossed, though. We dock at Mykonos at about 6 PM tonight, enough time to hit the beach, walk around town a little bit, and then get back on the ship well before “all aboard” sounds at 10:30. Tomorrow, we’re going to the ancient city of Ephesus, which is the most extensively excavated ruin of its kind. Best wishes until our next post; more photos may go up later, when we’re not working through a satellite link.

Greece – Update #1

Sorry not to have posted anything earlier — we’ve just had access to the internet today.  We arrived safely in Athens more or less according to schedule, and have all pretty much shaken off jet lag.  On our first full day in Greece, we toured the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum, both of which were cool.  (Check out the pictures!)  Today, we traveled northwest from Athens to Delphi, where we hoped to ask the Oracle all kinds of questions.  Unfortunately, the Oracle went offline in 393 AD, so we’re a little late.  Tomorrow, it’s off to Olympia, where we plan on taking home a variety of garlands in honor of our city-state at the quadrennial games!