Costa Rica | Day 3

After an exciting first day in Costa Rica, we were ready for another day of adventures. The Stuart day group went to beautiful waterfalls by way of horseback riding. Each horse we were given had a unique personality, including Piojo and Gordojo, who loved to go fast. One particular horse named Tequila was notorious for its “loco” personality. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery and nature, jumping off the waterfall was both exhilarating and terrifying; it was an exciting experience for everyone. On the way back from the waterfalls, we were welcomed by the local community with a freshly made feast served with refreshing pineapple juice. We were surprised to see peacocks, macaw parrots, agouti and monkeys. When we arrived back at the hotel, the day groups went to their afternoon activities, including cooking, yoga and salsa dancing. To end the night, local dancers performed traditional dances, inviting students to try on their dresses and hats. This was a truly unforgettable day.

-Thea Pratt, Amelia Batt and Sofia Kozlova

Costa Rica | Day 2

I had so much fun on my day in Costa Rica. Waking up to the birds singing was truly stress-relieving after the tough trip to Costa Rica. I particularly enjoyed doing service today. Speaking with the children was not only a great way to practice Spanish but rather find yourself sharing love and respect with strangers with the simple intention of true integrity and sympathy. Overall, I enjoyed all the experiences today.

-Mateo D.

Costa Rica | Day 1

A quick update from Dominical!. 

The flights were on time, and the first group of students and chaperones arrived at our home for the week in time for lunch, a swim and to familiarize themselves with the property and the wildlife (we saw a toucan!). The second group has landed, on the bus and expected to arrive in the next hour. The weather is beautiful and we are excited to begin our rotations tomorrow and meet together as a full group later this evening. Photos will be posted to the blog this evening and blog posts and reflections tomorrow and the following days. 

¡Pura Vida! 

The Costa Rica Chaperone Team