Lots of Exchange Visitors

This Spring we had a number of visitors for the day visit us from international Sacred Heart Schools.  The Sacred Heart School in Atherton runs a large exchange program where more than a dozen students from schools in Australia, Taiwan, Germany, France and Spain spent 3-4 weeks in families at the south bay school.  Atherton students will visit in the summer.  We were lucky enough to host students here for the day giving us a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about Sacred Heart in places from around the world.  Our own Christian Garcia-Feuss and his family hosted a student from Barcelona two weeks in February and then went to Spain for two weeks in April.

Thanks to Norma Garcia for the photos.



A Stuart Hall Knight travels to England

Over the February break, David Alvarez ’16 traveled to The United Kingdom to visit our sister Sacred Heart School, Beechwood.

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I had such an amazing time in the little town of Royal Tunbridge Wells with Henry Wright and his family. The town got the title of royal when Queen Victoria visited the town and loved it so much she gave it the title of royal. Beechwood School was very welcoming and was very similar to Stuart Hall High School. Royal Tunbridge Wells is also the home of Winnie the Pooh. I got the chance to visit the sights of where Winnie the Pooh actually took place. I also went to the place where fish and chips were invented. When I visited London twice I saw most of the famous attractions of London. I went to see the crown jewels and Buckingham Palace. One of my favorite things to see was the changing of the guards. The best pictures I took was when I went on the London Eye and saw the entire city of London.

– David Alvarez ’16

Spain comes to The Hall

As part of a global family of schools, Stuart Hall partners with Sacred Heart Schools in the United States and around the world to connect students through exchanges and travel immersion. This fall two students from Sevilla (the school we visited in February of 2013) attended Stuart Hall for 8 weeks. Israel Bellanato-Núñez and Iñigo Pérez de Ayala Gerbolés were a wonderful addition to our sophomore class!

Greetings from Spanish 4 Honors students

Hola Israel and Iñigo,

Me llamo Jose Vargas y te quiero dar la bienvenida a Stuart Hall. Que tengas un excelente inicio de ciclo escolar con esta comunidad. Queria invitarte a jugar basquetbol conmigo en cualquier fin de semana y a entrenar con el equipo de basquetbol de vez en cuando. Saludos.

– Jose Vargas
Hola Israel and Iñigo,

Me llamo Camilla y yo pienso que en tu tiempo en San Francisco, tu necesitas visitar al Ghiradelli Square! Tienen chocolates que son deliciosos. Para llegar alli, debes tomar el cable car porque son buenisimos y las vistas que ves son muy lindas. Tambien, un lugar que es geneal es la Marina, porque tiene un vista del Golden Gate bridge que es fantastico y tambien es una playa muy linda. Espero que tu tiempo en San Francisco sea buenisimo!
Tu amiga,
Camilla ‘15
Hola Israel and Iñigo,

Me llamo Devin y yo creo que tu tienes que ir a Twin Peaks al atardecer y durante el noche. La vista es muy bonita y tu puedes ver toda la ciudad. Durante el noche la vista del “Bay Bridge” y el centro de San Francisco es fantástico.

– Devin Harvey ‘13
Bienvenido Israel and Iñigo,

Deberias visitar todo San Francisco mientras estás aquí. Debes ir al museo de cera, el muelle 39, el laberinto de espejos, y Union Square. También, si tienes tiempo es muy divertido subirse a un tranvía e ir a Ghirardelli Square.

Tu Amiga,
Ashley 🙂

Thoughts from a friend

On Sunday, September 16th, Israel and I met up at Civic Center Plaza to do some city sightseeing. After walking around there for a while, we bussed over to Ghiradelli Square, bought some chocolate, and checked out Fisherman’s Wharf and the boats on the Hyde Street pier. We then took the cable car up to crooked lombard street, and walked down. We kept walking, cutting through North Beach (grabbing some pizza at Golden Boy’s on the way), Downtown, and Chinatown. We then backtracked and made our trek up to Coit tower, getting a 360 view of the whole city from the top, making a nice end to the day. In all, it was a really fun day. – by Declan Ebeling