Day 4: Junior Costa Rica Trip

Student Reflection by Bailey Parent

My class started the day with a fun game of Hokey Pokey, what a blast! Right after, we were off for the day’s activities. Today my group helped serve the students at La Escuela Balena. I played soccer with the students and colored beautiful pictures with them. Afterwards, I helped paint the school’s cafeteria and then started a garden outside. It was so hot outside, but I was so busy I didn’t even notice it. When all the hard work was done we sat in the shade to have a traditional Costa Rican lunch. Now, for the best part of the day a small group was able to go surfing. I was able to learn to surf while watching the sun set. Today I was able to learn the importance of helping others and trying new things. 

Student Reflection by Natalie Posner

¡Hola from Dominical! This morning my group, Tortuga, took the bus to a local school called La Escuela Balena. After playing soccer and drawing with the kids, we began to paint their school cafeteria and dug a new garden plot. Lunch was a delicious rice and meat dish with salad on the side. We drove back to the hotel and quickly got ready for surfing. After a short walk through town, we made it to the beach! Our surf instructors were super friendly and I was able to stand up after the first few tries. Surfing under the sunset was one of the most special experiences that I have had on this trip! I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring! ¡Adios! ¡Pura Vida!

See the full photo album here.

Day 3: Junior Costa Rica Trip

Update from the Chaperones

Our students experienced all Costa Rica has to offer today. We supported the local community by working at the local turtle sanctuary, went rafting down the Savegre River and were treated to a ‘cotton-candy’ sunset. At night, Tambito, a local Costa Rican folklore band, played at the Hotel Villas Rio Mar. Tomorrow we’ll return to the 3 group rotation of horseback riding, eco zipline tour & school service. At night, the students will close out the night with a talent show. 

Student Reflection by Audrey Roomian

Hi I’m Audrey Roomian! My trip so far has been amazing. My highlight so far has been the white water rafting. I was with Bella Mercado, Bella Rovetti, Maria Drago, Coco Browning, and Amelia Froyd-Kamrath. We had so much fun with our guide Mao! There were lots of bumps and drops but it was never scary and was always so much fun, especially since I was with my girlfriends and a great guide. Every drop felt like a splash mountain at Disneyland! We also walked to see a waterfall in the middle of the rafting, which looked amazing. We all stood under it (which was a very deafening experience)! The scenery was gorgeous; the jungle was so lush & full and the sunset towards the end made the whole experience one of the best things in my life.

Student Reflection by Ella Woods and Roxy Comerford

Hi Teri, John, Annie, Mr Monty, and all other parents! Today we had a delish breakfast of eggs and gallo pinto. After that, we drove to the Turtle saving project in Hacienda Baru, where they have been building turtle sanctuaries. We cleaned up micro plastics from the beach, and the sand will be used in a future turtle sanctuary. The beach was super hot and very pretty because it was right next to the jungle. After that, we went back to the hotel for lunch and swimming. Then we went to Rio Savegre for white water river rafting. We also stopped for fresh pineapple and banana, Then we hiked over to a huge waterfall and stood under it, this was super fun. Then we went back to the hotel and had dinner, went swimming and learned how to dance merengue from local dancers. Now we’re eating ice cream and writing this blog post. This is our first time on a screen in 75 hours. We’re gonna go to bed at 9:30. We miss you!!! ❤

Student Reflection by Summer Estes

Today we went river rafting in the rain during the sunset which is a special experience. The Costa Rican sunset is one of a kind and I have never seen something so pretty. Before the rafting we went to the beach to clean up a turtle hatching area from plastic and other hazardous materials that might hurt the turtles. We also found fresh coconuts which tasted delicious. On Saturday, my group went horseback riding to a private waterfall. On the property there are two waterfalls, one to view and one to jump off of. The jump was scary but not as scary as the climb up. During the climb the water rushes down on top of you which makes you not able to see or hear. I’ll see y’all on Thursday.

See the full photo album here.