EE primary research in Berlin

While in Berlin, I’ve loved experiencing the various styles of art and architecture throughout the city. Getting to see all the buildings I previously had only read about was a truly incredible experience! I am writing my EE on architecture and one of the buildings I’m analyzing is the Reichstag Building in Berlin. I found that having the lived experience of seeing the Reichstag Building has allowed me to have a clearer perspective and inspiration in furthering my research and general interest in architecture!


Hard work and Cooperation Payoff

After visiting two contemporary art museums yesterday, all 26 of us headed over to a protestant church in the absence of an American Thanksgiving. After many failed attempts at finding a venue, a very gracious pastor welcomed us with open arms into her space so that we could celebrate what we are grateful for. Several of us trekked over to a grocery store and picked up necessary supplies and then got to work on what would be our Thanksgiving feast. After almost two hours of slicing, stirring, and seasoning, we all sat down to eat and express our thanks. It was a long day but well worth it and it will certainly be a Thanksgiving to remember.


See, think, feel.

Yesterday the group went to 2 amazing art museums with the curator, artist, poet, and writer Ann! Its was really inspiring to see how Berlin’s history has effected the production of art and art itself! Right now in IB, I am exploring the detrimental effects of war and how artists chose to portray it, so seeing Germany’s history depicted in art was inspiring and provided an interesting perspective to my exhibition. We also attended a “care” museum that focused on self care and awareness. There were many interactive experiences that really calmed us down and prepared us for the stressful Thanksgiving preparation that was coming!


Rungsted Gymnasium

This Monday, after waking up to a dusting of snow all over Copenhagen, we all headed about half an hour north to Rungsted Gymnasium, the school where we would be seeing the danish kids we met last March. Once we arrived, we set off on a “reflection walk” on a path near their school, every few Americans paired with a few Danes. We got to know them and talk about discussion prompts set by their teacher to help us prepare for our debate. After returning, we ate lunch and spent the afternoon debating different issues in teams, with a final round of Americans v.s. Danes. Finally, we ended the day by enjoying a dinner of traditional Danish food cooked by the students before getting on the train home. It was great to meet new friends, visit with friends from March, and get a taste of teenage Danish life.



While exploring a thrift market we came across a park we had talked about previously with curator Amelia Fredericksen that morning. With her we discussed public art in Copenhagen and she answer our questions about various projects she had helped with through the the city and surrounding areas. The park was called Superkilen by the artist Superflex. It was designed by asking the surrounding residents what they wanted there and how they wanted to include there cultures. Going through it was very cool because it was unlike any parks I had been to back home, everything was both intentionally designed as an art pricey and as a park for ever there. It was very cool and we had fun checking it out.


Danish Architecture Center

The Danish Architecture Center encourages visitors to learn through visual and physical context with the works on display, providing a learning opportunity at every step as they display the latest of brutalist and contemporary architecture that is distinguished by its hospitality and cutting edge technology. I had a great time learning and engaging with the modern and historical architecture of Denmark.


Art & Design Day

We began our art and design day by meeting a local art curator, Amalie Frederiksen, who specializes in public interventionist art. Inspired by her work, we split up to explore different art opportunities around the city. After accidentally getting on the wrong bus, my group conquered the 2A (peek the view from the bus station below) and rode it to the Copenhagen Contemporary Museum. There, we experienced 3 different exhibits, my favorite of which was a trippy immersive exhibit from James Turrell, that explored light as matter and it’s effect on space and orientation. We then finished the night with a trip to Tivoli Gardens, a magical Christmas market/theme park, where I may or may not have gone in the same ride three times. Although we mourned our last day dedicated to exploring the city we made the most of it and look forward to reuniting with the Danish high school students tomorrow!