Colosseum and more!

Some little blurbs from Kate and Leet about our day:

Leet: Palatine Hill

According to the creation story of Rome, two brothers, Romulus and Remus, fought about where to build a city. Romulus wanted to build it on Palatine Hill, and Remus preferred Aventine Hill. After Romulus killed his brother, he built the city on Palatine Hill and called it Rome. Currently, Palatine Hill consists of the Forum, temple ruins, and ruins of mansions built by emperors. We walked through the ruins on a path that ended at a points overlooking Rome. 

Kate: Colosseum

At the Colosseum today we walked around the perimeter and second stories. The group saw the underground passageways that flooded during naval battles, where the gladiators were kept, and the animals were transported too.

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