Day 2: Travel day to Dominical

We have arrived in Dominical!

After breakfast this morning, we rode buses to a couple fun stops on the way to Dominical. First we stopped for some local snacks at a roadside market, and everyone got their fill of plantain chips, fresh fruit, and pipas frías (coconut water). Next stop was a bridge that has a fantastic view of a crocodile preserve, and then we were off to spend part of the afternoon at Playa Hermosa in Dominical.

Once we arrived at our lodge, we enjoyed time in the pool and in the common recreation areas with cards and games before dinner. After dinner, we gathered for our second community meeting. Mr. Pryor Lorentz led us in an espacio and in a prayer, and our chaperones shared the plans for the groups in the coming days. Our three groups will cycle through three main activities in the coming days—-service at a local school, horseback riding to a waterfall, and zip lining. We are excited to update you all in the coming days about our adventures!

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