Day 3 Costa Rica Tuesday 1-17-17: Student Reflections

Laura Mogannam
Yesterday my group went zip lining. For the first part, we went on a walk and looked at the animals in the forest. We saw two sloths and a toucan! My favorite zip line was the one where we went backwards. It was hard to not look back at where I was going, but it was extremely exhilarating. It was cool to be so high up from the ground and see all of the trees above me. The highest zip line we went on was 140 ft up in the air and it was very scary, but I would do the whole thing again in a heartbeat.

Mason Cooney
After my group returned from zip lining, Mr. O’conner took a group of us to town. It was  about a 10 minute walk from the hotel, and there was a market, a big fruit stand, a clothing/swimsuit store, and an ice cream place. They were all super close to each other. A few of us got coconuts at the fruit stand and the guys working there cut them open with a machete and stuck a straw in so we could drink them. It was so cool! And delicious! Worth bought a few avocados and said they were the best avocados she’s ever had. I’m hoping we can go to town again after our activities because it was amazing to see how different things are in Costa Rica. Day bought a pineapple and they cut it for her for free. That would never happen in the city – you would either buy a whole pineapple or get charged extra for pre-cut pineapple. It was all delicious and we gave them a lot of business so it was a win win.

Amelia Estes
Yesterday, I went zip lining with my group. It was really fun and gave me a huge adrenaline rush. At first, I was a little cautious because I am not great with heights and my leader kept scaring me. Once I let go of that fear, it was super fun. After we got back, my friends and I hung out by the pool. We learned how to salsa dance and we had a fun time. Today, we went to help out a school and we gave the students school supplies. I would do it all over again because I made two new friends and they stared taking pictures of us and it made me feel like I helped the girls have a better day.

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