Day 4: The Lasting Impact of One Week in Costa Rica

By Alina Kushner, Grade 10 
The Costa Rica trip has been adventure-packed with excitement, opportunities to take risks and new friendships. The trip has forced me to put myself in new and uncomfortable situations. Back home in San Francisco, we are used to immediate comfort: technology at the snap of your fingers, snacks whenever you start to feel hungry and complete privacy. Costa Rica separates you from those factors that make life seem so simple, allowing you to open yourself to more possibilities and experiences without being distracted by these luxuries that people often take for granted. 

One of my favorite experiences on the trip has been the service trip to a local middle school. Being a French student, I was apprehensive about the service experience and was worried about my interaction with the children because of the language barrier. However, when I arrived at the school and began talking to the children, I noticed that the language barrier began to disappear, and I was able to get to know kids who have such a different life from me on a personal level. 

Costa Rica has taught me that you can make the closest and most trustworthy friends in the most unexpected circumstances. This immersive trip gives you a safe space to take risks, to be yourself and open yourself up to new life-changing experiences. I truly feel that you don’t return to San Francisco as the same person who left after you experience Costa Rica with your sophomore class. 

Scroll to the bottom of this web story to browse through more photos from Day 4 .

Scroll to the bottom of this web story to browse through more photos from Day 4 .

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