Day 4: The ‘Most Beautiful’ Waterfall

By Teiva Ulufatu, Grade 10
Today was probably the most fun day out of the whole trip. Though a bumpy ride, the experience of riding horses was great. While riding the horses you take in all the nature that Costa Rica provides you. You can see a beautiful mixture of different greens all around the mountain. You can feel the lovely breeze that caresses your face, forgetting that there is heat. You can hear the ambient birds talking amongst themselves in the pretty colorful trees. We then arrived at the waterfall. This waterfall was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. You can hear the roaring of the water rushing down. It was oddly satisfying. I jumped in through the side. Then I swam to the waterfall steppe through the freezing water. As I was climbing up the waterfall I felt the pounding of the water on top of me. Once I reached the top, I jumped off from around 20 feet of height. I entered the water with a huge splash. The amount I was entertained shows the great splendor of the Central American geography.

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